Jewelry Care

Our beautiful fine jewelry has been made with love and many of our customers enjoy wearing their treasured collections year after year. With a little care and attention, your fine jewelry can last you decades and can even be handed down as future heirlooms. Here are our recommendations for getting the most out of your beautiful pieces of fine jewelry..

General Care

As a general rule, your jewelry should be the last part of the outfit you put on and the first thing you take off to help decrease contact with oils, lotions and perfumes as well as avoiding the risk of a piece snagging on an item of clothing which could cause damage to jewelry and garment!
The type of things you come into contact with everyday; such as pollution, hand creams and cleaning products, can cause the surface of your jewelry and gems to become clouded and lose their brilliance. 
Even the most carefully made settings and fastenings can be worn down over time which could result in the loss of a precious stone or even your beloved piece so we strongly recommend bringing your jewelry in to be checked and cleaned every couple of years if possible.
When storing your jewelry it’s best to store each item separately. This will ensure your pieces do not rub or scratch each other – whilst also avoiding any tangling of chains


Silver is quite maleable and so it can be squeezed to fit though it is best to avoid bending too often as this will eventually weaken the metal.
If you become concerned, simply bring it back to us for a check and a clean! Silver will gradually tarnish and oxidise over time as it’s exposed to light and air during day-to-day wear.
Keep your silver shiny and new buy giving it an occasional buff with a silver polishing cloth which is available in Yasmin Jewelry shops.
If you like your silver bright, you may want to store it in a small ziplock bag with some cotton wool to absorb moisture, it may not look pretty but it reduces the amount of oxygen the surface of the metal is exposed to.
Exposure to salty air, chlorine or materials that contain sulphur (including some papers) can accelerate the oxidising effect but wearing your silver jewelry everyday means it often polishes with wear!
If a plain silver piece without stones becomes dirty, a quick wash in warm water with a mild detergent and a soft toothbrush should dislodge the daily grime but avoid soaking and dry immediately with a soft cloth before finishing with a silver polishing cloth.
If your piece needs a little more than that, bring the piece to us for a professional clean, free of charge.

Oxidised Silver

This ‘blackened’ or ‘antiqued’ finish is something that we deliberately do to darken the carved designs and bring out the beautiful detail. It is possible that your jewellery may polish up as you wear it. If this happens just log in into our shop Yasmin Jewelry and buy re-oxidise silver liquid with very cheap price.